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VBS will also write your company’s Leader’s Guide and Student Manual. No more need to order manuals from a course provider every time you need additional copies. You will have the rights to print as many copies as you need. The following are excerpts from the Leader’s Guide and Driver Workbook. Using the latest technical design and formatting, our manuals make it extremely easy for trainers and drivers to follow and teach from. The content in these manuals will be customized for your company. Sample Leader’s Guide Sample Driver Workbook.

The Professional Driver

Ideal safety training for new drivers. Defines the higher level of responsibility a professional driver must assume. Emphasizes preventability rather than fault. Includes the basic elements of defensive driving and explains the concept of the driver as a manager of space, vehicle control and people. Underscores the importance of the driver’s role as ambassador for the company, including driving safety, general public safeguards and overall company success. (13:49 minutes) Winner—2002 Telly Award

Trip Inspections

Instills the importance of pre-trip and post-trip vehicle inspections and emphasizes the value of strict inspection routines. Details technological features of vehicles, such as airbrakes, anti-lock braking systems, steerable tag axles and engine retarders, and how they impact safe driving. Insures that drivers understand safe operation of all vehicle features. Emphasizes how knowledge and correct application can prevent accidents resulting from loss of control or skidding. Educates drivers on maintaining consistent vehicle control and handling. (20:52 minutes) Winner—2002 Telly Award

Space Management

A vital element in any safety training, proper space management minimizes the most frequent and severe type of motor vehicle accident—the rear-end collision. Defines safe and proper following distances in detail, based on vehicle size and speed. Discusses how adverse weather conditions affect surface and visibility conditions and how following distances are influenced. Stresses the importance of managing side-to-side space and establishing a cushion of space for possible emergency maneuvers. Maintaining proper space cushions is also presented during lane changes, moving to and from ramps and between stopped vehicles. Special attention is placed on responding to vehicles following too closely. Assists in developing fundamental safe driving behavior during changing road conditions and details how to avoid situations leading to hard braking and abrupt turns. (12-15 minutes) Winner—2002 Telly Award

Passing & Lane Changing

Trains drivers to reduce sideswipe accidents and unnecessary lane changes. Highlights the importance of proper lookout and space management for moving from one lane to another when passing or changing lanes. Features safety training for passing on dangerous two-lane roadways, communicating with turn signals and handling special conditions, such as lane merging. (14:32 minutes) Winner—2002 Telly Award

Backing Basics

Identifies techniques to minimize backing accidents—the most preventable type of accident. Focuses on ways to avoid backing if at all possible. Includes details on communicating with horns, back-up warning devices and flashers. Emphatically stresses the driver’s responsibility in making sure the area behind the vehicle is clear before backing. Offers helpful tips to avoid backing accidents, such as using spotters or physically measuring distances prior to backing. (10:35 minutes) Winner—2002 Telly Award


Identifies one of the most hazardous areas in commercial driving—intersections. Instructs drivers on defensive techniques and maneuvers to reduce the risk of intersection accidents, including damage to parked vehicles or road signs and pedestrian injuries. Discusses preparation for upcoming intersections, responding to traffic signals, making proper turns, safely positioning a motor coach for transferring passengers, maintaining awareness of pedestrians, driver blind spots, recognizing potential problem behaviors of other drivers. (16:56 minutes) Winner—2002 Telly Award

Pedestrian Awareness

Teaches drivers to identify behavioral problems and react safely to reduce and, hopefully, eliminate pedestrian accidents. Uses pedestrian behaviors, such as jaywalking, walking against red lights and moving into driver blind spots, to teach drivers to recognize hazards and react safely. Features special situations involving children at play, elderly persons and disabled persons. Highlights the importance of maintaining a diligent lookout in urban areas, rural settings and on the open highway. (23:43 minutes) Winner—2002 Telly Award

Managing Aggressive Behavior

Trains drivers in practical techniques to manage confrontational situations, ranging from minor disruptions to hijacking. Provides a system for determining the seriousness of a situation and taking appropriate action. Includes dramatized scenarios and response guidelines for dealing with disruptive behavior, such as horseplay or loud arguments, physical confrontations, such as fistfights, aggressive driving and road rage, robbery and hijacking. (20 minutes) Winner—2002 Telly Award

Distance E-Learning

VBS has helped numerous transportation companies and government agencies save hundreds of thousands of dollars by using custom safety programs. Our LMS and Web-based learning management system provides virtual proctoring with student identity and participation verification. These controls ensure that the right students take the right training and gain the necessary knowledge and skills. Supervisors stay informed about student progress via e-mail and regular reports. In addition, the LMS can provide custom content based on each student’s log-in. Other LMS capabilities include testing, certification, and maintaining a compliance audit trail. Companies are assured of highly trained and certified employees at a fraction of the cost of traditional training.

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