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Custom Corporate Training Videos and Security Programs Tailored To Meet Your Needs

Van Beek Systems provides custom corporate safety and security programs as well as personal protection training for individuals. If you’re concerned about your current level of safety, compliance, personal security or terrorism prevention, then contact us today for a free consultation.

With over 150 years of collective experience, Van Beek Systems has become the leading, all-inclusive safety and security resource for the transportation industry.

Van Beek Systems provides the assistance you need with on-site safety / security evaluations and custom produced video training programs that move you forward to a safer future. Whether it’s assisting you in developing your own custom training program, e-learning program or delivering the highest quality safety consulting in the industry- VBS and its team of industry professionals are ready to discuss your needs today.

Our goal is to enhance the skills and knowledge of people from all walks of life. Our talented development consulting team combines years of experience in education, adult online learning programs, and compliance safety and security training with the latest e-learning technology to create effective, relevant learning tools. Our team has won over 16 film festival awards for excellence since 2002.

One-Off and Ongoing Consulting to Meet Your Needs

Van Beek Systems provides one-off and ongoing consulting services for companies in need of safety, security, experience analysis, training and compliance services. Find out how we can help you, by calling today. Van Beek Systems provides consulting in Safety, Security, Experience Analysis, Training and Compliance.

What Do We Do?

  • Safety Audits – Conduct comprehensive audits of a company’s operations in accordance with the standards established by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, US Department of Transportation and OSHA for safety reviews and compliance reviews.
  • Accident Analysis – Statistical/Operational analysis of loss experience to determine practices that can be improved to reduce loss experience.
  • Loss Prevention Programs – Assistance in defining and implementing changes to prevent accidents, including the monitoring and measuring of their effects after implementation.
  • Training/Seminars – Arranging and conducting complete training and seminar programs for drivers and managers on accident prevention and safety related topics.

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